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The Best, Worst Excuses For Skipping The Gym

We get it. Going to the gym with our busy lifestyles is tough! And all of us make the occasional excuse. But when you win a creative writing contest for your elaborate excuses, you’ve officially got a problem. Here are 10 gym excuses we’ve heard a time or two. Any of them sound familiar?  …

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Secret to Good Posture? Exercise.

How many times have you been told to stand up straight and not to slouch? Have you experienced neck or back strain after sitting for long periods? Well as it turns out, good posture is as important as your mother said it was. Good posture can do wonders for your appearance and can help you…

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Exercising with Osteoporosis

If you’re living with Osteoporosis and avoiding physical activity, we have good news. Exercise reduces your risk not only of falling, but also of fracturing a bone if you do fall. A recent study found that programs of balance, strength, and resistance training reduced the odds of falls resulting in fractures by more than 60%.…

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